Guinea Fowl

Guineas are a small and hardy bird that’s a relative of the chicken and partridge and originated from West Africa. They are great at eating bugs. They have saved our garden from many kinds of bugs, this is the exclusive reason we have them.

What is even more amazing than excellent bug eaters, is that they don’t destroy your garden!

Chickens like to eat bugs, but they’ll also eat your plants and scratch the ground all around them.

Ducks are great at eating bugs, like chickens. However, their feet are so big that if the plants are not large enough, they’ll squoosh them in the process of eating the bugs off of them.

And ducks like certain plants too.

Guineas don’t do that.

They eat the bugs, are delicate on the plants, and don’t scratch the ground.

If you are like us and try to grow as much of your own food as possible, then guineas are a great little weapon to unleash on those unwanted garden pests.