Little Sprouts Farm Foster a Baby Goat!

Foster a Baby Goat!

Experience the joy and responsibility of raising an adorable and cuddly bottle goat without the long term commitment and cost of ownership!

Why Do I Want to Foster a Goat?

No Long term expense – No Long term Commitment – Just for Fun – Great Gift Idea!

Families and Children

  • Learn Responsibility
  • Enjoy Animal Care
  • Life Skills
  • Active Playtime
  • Memorable Pics


  • Try before you Buy
  • Learn about Breeds
  • Learn Care and Feeding
  • Full Adoption Available
  • Choose the Perfect Personality


  • Companionship
  • Cuddle Time
  • Just so adorable!
  • Selfie Buddy
  • Share with Friends

How Does it Work?

  1. Come to the farm for a brief orientation.
  2. Pay for the desired number of days plus refundable deposit.
  3. Pick out the perfect goat for you.
  4. Pick up the supplies and milk, and your new buddy!
  5. Take care of and enjoy the goat for the desired number of days.
  6. Contact us for any questions.
  7. Return the goat and leftover supplies on the last day.

NOTE: Full adoption is always an option if you want to keep your buddy!

What Does it Cost?

$20 first day

$10 each additional day

$50 deposit (refundable)