Little Sprouts Farm Stud Service Info

Stud Service Info

We offer stud service from any of our bucks to does in good health from tested herds. Does under 12 months need not be tested, but must come from a verifiable clean tested herd. We offer onsite boarding and offsite stud leasing (to approved homes only). We guarantee a pregnancy, but not a live birth, as we have no control over the doe’s prenatal care.


Registered $125 for the first doe $100 per doe thereafter

Unregistered $75 for the first doe $50 per doe thereafter

$10 per week boarding charge for does staying with us

The stud fee is due when you drop off your doe and the board fees when you pick her up.

AVAILABLE STUDS – We currently have 2 ADGA registered Nigerian dwarf studs and 3 unregistered Nigerian dwarf studs.

Please let us know well in advance if you want to use one of our boys so we can try to accommodate your schedule for when you would like your doe bred.

Please answer all of the questions for the questionnaire below. Please submit a questionnaire for every doe you are looking to get bred.
Thank you!

Stud Service Questionaire