Little Sprouts Farm Livestock Guard Dogs

Livestock Guard Dogs

We currently have 2 LGDs on our farm. Read about them below!

Ivory is our all-around farm guardian, Ivory is a Great Pyrenees, she is one of our best guardians to date! Not to mention she is good with all our animals and she has an awesome temperament.


Skyes’ main purpose is to guard our goat herds. She is a Turkish Kangal.

Skye is very attached to her “herd”. She knows every animal on the farm. Skye knows if someone is missing (and lets us know!) or new to the farm, nothing goes by her unnoticed! She is very gentle most of the time but jumps into action when necessary.
Skye is a proven sheep/goat protector but not a poultry kind of girl. Skye has a spectacular people loving personality, so she makes a great family companion too. Skye loves leash walks, getting brushed, long hikes, and belly rubs!