Little Sprouts Farm Fermentation 101

Fermentation 101

Fermentation is the way humans have preserved food for millennia. Refrigerators are a fairly new inventions, and in some ways, a step backwards. The preservation they afford is very limited in time and space. It’s very temporary. Fermentation is a long term preservation method that can help you store food for your family in case of emergency.

Then there are the health aspects. Fermentation is a live food, it is not “sterile” but rather exploding with healthy microbial life. Fermentation is working with nature, not against. And the health benefits are amazing!

In this class you will learn the basics of fermentation, and preserving food safely the age old way with modern improvements. What to ferment, how, where, when… all this and more. Even some recipes to take home. You will even do some basic fermenting in class, to take home with you!

Dates and Times to be announced soon!

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