Little Sprouts Farm Homesteading Classes!

Homesteading Classes!

“Farms should be producers, not a consumers! Each small, regardless of size, should generate more than it takes in. This is true whether a thousand acre farm or a single family homestead. Success lies in learning to produce more than is consumed in the process.”

Dave Salch – Little Sprouts Farm

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Our world is changing. The security of the basics of life which we grew up assuming, is no longer secure. We have seen local natural disasters block supply lines and deplete local food store. We have seen the global pandemic alter production and availability of foods and goods. And now we face steadily increasing prices across the board for the necessities of life. What to do?

A lot of people are turning to the notion of “homesteading”, meaning being more self sufficient for the basics of life. “Living off the land” instead of being reliant on remote production and shipping of necessary goods and foods. But this requires a whole set of skills that have been largely pushed aside or even forgotten by our generation. What was once normal and easy, is a steep learning curve project.

We have been operating a small family farm for profit for over 20 collective years. When we first started out, the learning curve was a bit overwhelming! And the wealth of information sources was a nightmare to sort through. But today, we have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t at this scale. Let us save you the frustration of trying to figure out how to learn to operate a small farm or to live off your land as a homestead.

We are offering classes about various skills necessary for successful homesteading. The list of topics is growing and will include both online and in-person, hands on classes at our farm. The list will grow over time, and classes will be offered seasonally. Check out the buttons below to see what is available now!

Choose what works for you!

Everyone is not ready to “do the deed”, some would prefer to just watch. Our classes offer two levels of involvement, participant and spectator.

  • Participants will do the “hands-on” part of the class, actually performing the purpose of the class.
  • Spectators will take full part of the class except not do the actual hands on actions.

Either way you get full benefit of the instructor time and knowledge, whether watching or doing. The classes are priced accordingly to the level of involvement. One big perk to “participant” is that you have the option of taking home some of the fruit of your labor for half price!

Classes Available NOW!

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IMPORTANT: Space in each class is limited, you must purchase a ticket before the class date to reserve your spot!

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