Little Sprouts Farm Drip Irrigation 101

Drip Irrigation 101

Water is the blood of the earth! Everything living needs water, but water itself is a limited resource. We need to learn to utilize it wisely and efficiently. For gardens, orchards, beds this usually means using drip irrigation. But that field can be very confusing with so many options!

We have been successfully using drip irrigation (and fertigation) in our personal and market gardens for decades. We have explored and found a simple system that works very well with low investment and low maintenance. This class explains it all!

Topics Include:

  • Why Drip?
  • Types of drip irrigation
  • Estimating needs
  • Materials
  • Connecting it all together
  • Pressures and flow
  • Timers
  • Fertilizing with drip (fertigation)
  • Controllers
  • Headers
  • Repeatability

This class will include a tour of our drip operations, how we build things and use them. You can see these concepts and resources actually put to use.

Available Class Dates

Space is limited, you must purchase a ticket before the event!