Little Sprouts Farm Soap Making 101

Soap Making 101

Learn how to turn simple fats into beautiful soaps!

This class explore the basics of making soap at home. You can easily convert most any fat into a soap through the proper addition of Lye. (Don’t worry, its perfectly safe as long as you are careful). And the resulting soap can be fine tuned to match any desired consistency, effectiveness, and feel. This is as much an art form as it is a skill! There is a wide range of possibilities.

Using the methods we will teach, you do not need any expensive equipment or molds. Make bars, shapes, anything you like. Soap can be scented or plain, and made from a wide variety of fats.

Launch a new hobby, save money, or even make soap for profit! The choice is yours, when armed with the basic skills and info.

Concepts Covered include:

  • Basic Chemistry of soap-making
  • Safety
  • Types of fats and their effect
  • Proportions
  • Mixing
  • Setting
  • Pouring
  • Curing
  • Cutting
  • Resources

Choose Level of Involvement

We offer two levels of involvement, participant and spectator, so that you can choose whether you want to DO the hands on part of just watch for now.


  • Learn all about soap-making
  • Choose your recipe
  • Make a bar of soap with instructor guidance
  • Take home your new creation


  • Learn all about soap-making
  • Watch the instructor make soap
  • Watch as others make their soap

Available Class Dates

Space is limited, you must purchase a ticket in advance!