Little Sprouts Farm Fencing 101

Fencing 101

Farming and homesteading involved plenty of fencing. The old saying is very true: “Good fences make good neighbors”. Fencing is imperative for animal containment or exclusion. But there are SO MANY OPTIONS! How to get started?

This class explores the basics of fence types and the skills and tools required to erect or fix them. In a few hours you can gain all you need to know to get started in fencing.

Topics include:

  • Fence Types and Purpose
    • Electric
    • Barbed Wire
    • Field Fencing (woven or welded)
    • Hard Panel
  • Estimating materials
  • Tools Required
  • Digging holes
  • Setting T-Posts
  • Process of erecting
  • Stretching
  • Building corners
  • Maintenance
  • Gates

There will be some hands on demonstrations and ability to actually swing a hammer and do some of the work to experience the real thing. Come prepared!

Available Class Dates

Space is limited, you must purchase a tickets in advance of class.