Little Sprouts Farm Sheep / Goat Slaughter Class

Sheep / Goat Slaughter Class

This is a hands-on class where we actually slaughter and process a sheep (also applies to goats). Learn the procedures and tips for the entire process from humane kill to ready to eat.  You can choose to be an active participant and actually use you knife to do the work yourself, or be a spectator and learn by watching.

The day will include some “classroom” time, q&a time, and hands on work.

Participants can choose to take home sections of the meat you process at half market price!

Topics Covered

  • Evaluate readiness and health
  • Preparation
  • Equipment required
  • Humane kill
  • Skin removal
  • Internal organ preparation
  • Cleaning
  • Disposal
  • Cut into sections
  • Wrapping and freezing
  • Cleanup
  • Cooking Tips


  • Classroom time
  • Questions
  • Watch processing


  • Classroom time
  • Questions
  • Hands-on guided experience processing
  • Hand-on guided experience packaging
  • Take some meat home for free

Space is limited, You must buy a ticket before the event!

This class is intended for the homesteader, and does not show skills that require tools. After all, most homesteads will not have a bone saw or any power equipment. We offer a method to provide meat for your family with no more equipment than a hand knife. Therefore, we do not cover the production of standard “cuts” other than legs and ribs. We want you to be able to process your own animals at your own farm with minimal investment and equipment. True Life Skills!

Available Class Dates

Space is limited, you must purchase a ticket in advance!