Book 1 – The Model (Grow Your Own Feed)


The nuts and bolts of how to be a producer instead of a consumer on your own land. Raise feeed for your animals in a synergistic cycle that works with nature instead of against. It’s all here, a full model laid out in detail for you to implement.



America’s children are suffering from unprecedented health challenges. One of the foundational causes is the American food system. Reliance on large factory farms and shelf stable foods designed to make a profit above all else has destroyed the health of our nation and our future. To restore health, we must return to the food system of the past, when most food came from small local farms following nature nutrition instead of science and profit. But How? Everyone knows small farms are not profitable anymore!

Not anymore!

We, Little Sprouts Farm, have been pioneering new approaches, new methods to small scale farming that brings both profitability AND a concentration on quality foods that provide nutrition that heals. It is possible to operate a small farm at a profit! This book is the first of a series. It explains the model that we have developed on our own farm to raise animals at virtually no cost. This book explains the big picture, the process, the model. It is accompanied by other books that explain the details of each aspect in deep detail. Other books are coming that describe the business model, marketing, etc. This book is the place to start. Our goal is to see ten thousand new farms launched, following the sustainable, organic, quality focused principles presented here. whether you are a small farm struggling, a mid scale farm looking to expand, or just an individual looking to raise you own food sustainably, this book will walk you through an innovative process of raising animals at incredibly low cost.