Little Sprouts Farm Sales Policy

Sales Policy

Our Assurance

All of our Livestock comes with 24/7 Tech Support. And maybe you have an animal that you didn’t purchase from us but need help, have a question you don’t know the answer to, or just need reassurance?
Whether you are a new animal owner or have years of experience give us a call, email, or text. We have over 10 years of experience with various kinds of livestock but I still remember the anxiety of wondering, is this a problem or not?
Ask, we’ll both sleep better.

*Note: a text or email will get the fastest response. It is rare for us to have a free minute to sit down for a call. When we do it is an even more rare occurrence that it is quiet enough 😉

Reserving and Payment

We require a non-refundable deposit to reserve and/or hold any animal.
The minimum deposit is $50 per animal. Certain animals may require a higher deposit, based on their sales price. 
Deposits are non-refundable. If you back out of the sale for any reason you forfeit the deposit, even if we have another buyer for the animal.
We accept cash or PayPal for your deposit and for the final payment. Please bring exact change if paying in cash. If paying via PayPal send us your name, phone number, address and e-mail address, as well as which animal you would like to reserve, and we will send you an invoice from our account. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay via PayPal. You can use any debit or credit card and check out as a guest. We do not accept checks.

A pickup date MUST be agreed on before sending a deposit. We try to schedule pickups at least a week in advance so we can arrange our schedules accordingly.
We may be able to board the animal for an additional time while you prepare their new home but this needs to be agreed upon ahead of time.

We reserve the right to cancel any sale for any reason. If we choose to cancel a sale, we will refund ALL deposit money paid.


When considering a goat from our herd, please consider how you will get it home.
We are happy to help make arrangements but ultimately transportation is arranged completely by the buyer. 
Ideally, you come to our farm to pick up.
We offer ground transportations with 5 Star Livestock Transport, GS Xpress Animal Transport and can accommodate some small distances ourselves.
When shipping a young animal via air, you are responsible for purchasing the appropriate pet carrier, health certificates, flight costs and covering the mileage it takes us to get your animal to the vet and the airport. We would be happy to check which local airlines will transport animals and are happy to help with making arrangements. We will do our best to accommodate the arrangements but we would appreciate a choice as to what day and time is good for us to take the animal to the airport.

Registered Animals

All registered animals will be tattooed and/or microchipped before leaving the farm, for registration purposes as well as the National Scrapie ID Program.
Any animal that requires a DNA test for registration with be DNA’d prior to leaving the farm.
They will come with either final registration paperwork or applications for their appropriate registry and will be signed over to the buyer at the time of pickup.
If you have any issues or questions during the registration process, feel free to contact us.
Castrated males will not be registered if going for meat or pet pourpuses but if you’re purchasing a show wether we will be happy to provide registration applications.

According to your animal, you will receive registrations for the following:
Nigerian Dwarf goats – NDGA, ADGA, AGS
MiniNubian & Mini LaMancha goats – TMGR, MDGA
Nubian & LaMancha goats – ADGA, AGS
KuneKune pigs – AKKPS, AKPR
Jersey cattle – AJCA
Gurnsey cattle – AGA
Jacob Sheep- JSBA

Pregnant Animals

If an animal is sold pregnant we cannot guarantee that she will remain pregnant or what the outcome will be. Change is stressful to livestock and moving during pregnancy sometimes causes problems. Therefore we don’t charge extra for a pregnant animal. The sales price is based on the individual animal’s value and any offspring are a bonus.
If livestock born is eligible for registration there will be a small fee at the buyers’ expense to obtain proper applications.
We reserve the right to refuse registrations if animals born do not meet qualifications to be registered under our farm name (e.g. teat abnormalities such as extra teats or split teats, or poor conformation)

Milking Stock

If a doe or cow is sold in milk we can’t guarantee what her production will be in her new home, nor what her behavior will be like. Again, change is stressful to livestock and production could drop because of stress, change of diet or environment, missing their herd mates, etc. Also, not all goats and cattle take readily to new people right away so this might affect their behavior on the stand.
We can and will tell you what the production and behavior of the animal was under our care, and will provide copies of DHIA records if available, but we can’t guarantee your results will be the same, especially at first.
The best advice we can give is to take your time, be patient and get to know your new animal but not to expect too much right away. Once she bonds with you and adapts to her new environment and routine things should improve.

Herd Health Testing

Please check with your state as to required health tests if any are needed. We would be happy to have the tests run, however, you would be required to pay for them in advance. We can give you an estimate of cost, should you need it.

Note to buyers: We will NOT test animals under 3 months old. Tests are not accurate whatsoever at this age. Please don’t ask.

All animals being shipped MUST have health certificates before leaving our farm. Health certificates are at the buyers expense. It’s good, cheap insurance for the buyer knowing your animal is healthy when it leaves our farm. Once the animal leaves, it’s up to the buyer to ensure it’s properly cared for in transit. We will not be held responsible for animals who become injured or ill during shipping. Unfortunately accidents happen. Our animals are healthy, happy and loved. We want to ensure they stay that way in their new homes!

We will test for any diseases at buyers’ expense If you have a specific test you want done that our animals have not already been tested for

Health Guarantee

We guarantee the health of your animal when it leaves our farm. A buyer has the right to a Vet exam at the buyer’s full expense on any animals to be purchased.  We encourage the buyer to look over the animal(s) before purchase.
If the buyer or seller is concerned about the condition of the animal, release can be deferred by arrangement.
Once the animal leaves the farm all sales are final. No further guarantee of health or quality is given or implied. Once an animal leaves our farm, the new owner is responsible for their health. Stress from being moved (and being weaned) can bring on numerous health issues quickly, shipping stress is not uncommon in animals. Should your animal become ill, please consider contacting a veterinarian immediately.
We are not responsible for the health of an animal purchased from us once it leaves the farm, as there are too many variables in care.

If we are presented with a veterinarian’s official statement that the animal had a condition prior to transfer, such as infertility in males we will make arrangements to either get you a new male or refund.
We guarantee that our goats are negative for CAE, CL, TB, Q-Fever, Brucellosis & Johne’s disease for SIX days after they leave our farm. After six days we can not be responsible for these diseases. They can easily be picked up in their new environment or even brought home on your clothes from other places.

You have our word!
We take great pride in our animals. We want you to have a good experience and be not only satisfied but enthusiastic about your new animal. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions