Little Sprouts Farm Milking Goats

Milking Goats

We raise several breeds of goats on our farm, combined we have 100+ head of goats.
We introduced milking goats to the farm in early 2011 after a long debate about the overhead of daily milking. Fortunately, we chose to add them and today we wouldn’t go without!

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

These smaller sized goats originated from Africa. They are friendly, clean, and produce very rich milk. There is truly not many things finer than farm-fresh raw milk from a Nigerian Dwarf goat.

Mini Nubians

Mini Nubians are what you get when you cross a Nigerian dwarf with a Nubian. They produce a bit more milk than a Nigerian, but have higher cream content than a Nubian and are easier to handle, the best of both worlds!

Mini LaManchas

Mini LaManchas are what you get when you cross a LaMancha with a Nigerian Dwarf. These girls produce similar butterfat content to Mini Nubian at slightly higher production.  Mini LaManchas have a personality like no other breed we have raised, very sweet and personable.

Nubians & LaManchas

LaManchas and Nubians are beautiful, large dairy goats with friendly and docile personalities. We find that LaManchas are a world of their own, they seem to be much smarter and laid back in general out of all the breeds we raise.


Pygerians are what you get when you cross an African Pygmy Goat with a Nigerian Dwarf. Our Pygerians are purely pets and companions.