Little Sprouts Farm Electrolytes for transporting or times of stress

Electrolytes for transporting or times of stress

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      Electrolytes are your friend!  This magical fluid is the first line of defense against all problems calf related.

      Transporting a calf is a very stressful event to them. They are docile gentle animals and the necessary acts of changing their environment can be traumatic. Just being in a new unfamiliar place, even for a short time) causes stress. This is as simple as the inside of a trailer bumping down the road.

      This stress can quickly cause digestive problems for the calf. Think about how in times of severe stress even us humans loose appetite, get nauseous, even have trouble retaining food. We are prone to the same issues, just with a higher threshold for change.

      Giving electrolytes instead of milk or milk replacer during these times is beneficial. This keeps the calf hydrated, provides some nutrition and energy, but electrolytes do not require digestion, only absorption! Skipping a meal or even two, but giving electrolytes is a big win for any stressful events in the calf’s life.

      Remember, never give milk and replacer or milk within 4 hours of each other! These two things are not compatible in the calf’s stomach.

      We recommend giving electrolytes in place of milk every time you move or transport a calf, and do so immediately upon arrival. For long trips of a few hours it is even a good idea to give replace before starting and again after arrival.

      Electrolytes !

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