Little Sprouts Farm Uncategorized Miracle: Feeding 100+ goats in < 30 minutes !

Miracle: Feeding 100+ goats in < 30 minutes !Miracle: Feeding 100+ goats in < 30 minutes !


This goat season was, well, lets use the word “prolific”. At the peak we had right at 120 baby goats that needed to bottle feed three times a day. Impossible task? Not for the Sprouts!

We Built a “feeding parlor” out of some old fence panels and T-posts with the welder. Then we built a set of paddocks to hold up to ten goats at a time inside the barn. There are a total of 16 such paddocks in groups of 4 across 3 barn stalls. Add to this infrastructure a feeding process and routine and we managed to get the best time for feeding down to 28 minutes (not counting final bottle washing).

The little sprouts were amazing! This is a tough job, but they really pulled together as a team and made it happen!

Little Sprouts Goat Season 2023

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