Available Goats

We offer dairy goats of several different breeds and three different levels to meet every need. Whichever you choose, you can be assured not only a good healthy animal that brings years of joy, but also we will stand behind each sale to offer a helping hand whenever you need it!

Our Genetics: Registered Stock

These goats are of the highest quality with a traced pedigree. All of our registered stock is raised for multi-generations under our strict management and breeding policies, resulting in the strongest, healthiest animals. You can continue to register them with the respective organization through ongoing generations. 

Our Genetics: Non-Registered 

These goats are not registered with an organization, but still raised from our own genetics on our own land and practices for multiple generations to the highest standards. These goats are special! We started these herds many years ago as our own milking herd and continued improving the genetics for health and vitality through dozens of generations. 

Adopted Non-Registered

These are goats we have hand picked and adopted from other farms, ranches, and dairies that meet our standards of care and management. They are good healthy animals that will bring you years of blessings.

We do NOT buy animals from auctions! These are all from trusted operations and hand picked for health and sturdiness. 

No matter which goats you choose, we stand behind our animals and will be there for you after the sale for advice, assistance, and help whenever you need it! We love our goats like our own family and our prayer is that you succeed!

Little Sprouts Farm is changing the direction of their goat herd, so we have several goats for sale.

Please see the information on them below and fill out our Goat Questionnaire if you are interested in any of them!

We will be listing more goats for sale within the next couple of weeks. If you don’t see any goats you are interested in here please check back on our website, FB page or let us know what you are looking for via our Goat Questionnaire and we will let you know if we have any goats that will match your home/farm!


Please schedule delivery or pickup within 48 hours of purchase or deposit!

We normally can not hold any animals longer than 48 hours.

Available Right Now

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