Little Sprouts Farm Hilltop Goats Rufus

Hilltop Goats Rufus

*Polled* *Moonspots*

Sires dam: Goat Trails Apri Rayne ‘Stormey’

Rufus is a long structurally correct, polled F7 buck. Genetically packed on both sides with wonderful milky genetics and well attached udders.

53.20% Nubian/46.80% Nigerian
*Sire: Cedar Creek Color Me Blue Maverick
Sire’s Sire: Westland Acres Texas Willy Blue
Sire’s Dam: Goat Trails April Rayne ‘Stormey’
*Dam: Hilltop Goats Lacey
Dam’s Sire: Sonflower Ranch’s Jasper
Dam’s Dam: Sonflower Ranch’s Emma
Rufus is G6S normal by parentage.