Calves For Sale

We offer purebred and cross bred dairy / meat cows and calves to add to your homestead or operation.  Whether you want a cow for milking or meat, check to see what we have available!

We offer cows/calves from genetics raised right on our own farm to our exacting standards, and also some adopted from other operations that meet our standards of treatment, handling, and management. You will notice a significant price difference between these two options. The cows from our own lines of genetics are very limited seasonally. 

NONE OF THESE COWS OR CALVES HAVE SEEN AN AUCTION FLOOR! Buying animals at auction may bring the lowest prices, but is a dangerous trade-off. There can be a high loss rate with these animals, and often long term problems. 

Our animals not born on our farm are hand picked from local farms, ranches, dairies who we work with regularly. We know the history of each and can verify their past and their genetics. We stand behind all of our animals!


Please schedule pickup or delivery within 48 hours of purchase or deposit.

We normally can not hold animals more than 48 hours.

Available for Sale

This 2 week old bull is ready for a new home. Can be banded if...
These 2-3 week old bull calves are ready for new homes. Can be banded if...