Little Sprouts Farm Poultry Processing

Poultry Processing

We offer full feather to bag processing as well as equipment rentals. You can choose which way fits your situation and skill level best! We can do it all, do nothing, or anywhere in between. Even private teaching is available if desired! We want to make your home poultry experience as smooth and fun as possible.

Feather to Bag Processing

Let us do all the work for you! Just drop of your birds and pick them up later in sealed bags ready for the freezer! Make raising your own meat quick, easy, and painless! No equipment investment necessary, no mess to clean up. Packaged in sealed bags to reduce freezer burn and easy fit in your freezer.


  • Reserve a day
  • Drop off your birds the night before or the morning of
  • Pick up your finished birds ready for the freezer
  • Organs included if desired


  • $6.00 per bird for 1 to 55
  • $5.50 per bird for 56 to 105
  • $5.00 per bird for 106+

Deposit required to reserve date

Equipment Rental

You can use our equipment instead of investing hundreds to thousands of $$$ for equipment. Our commercial grade equipment (costing about $4000) is ready to go! Just bring your own propane, ice, knives, packaging and birds. Equipment is installed outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine and has running water plus electricity.

Equipment Includes:

  • Extra large size propane powered scalder (holds up to 4 birds at a time)
  • Stainless Steel Turkey sized automatic plucker (handles 4 chickens or 2 turkeys)
  • Four person stainless steel eviscerating table with adjustable water sprayers
  • Cold water barrels
  • Packaging table
  • All “open air” with plenty of room and sunshine
  • Start as early as 9am, finish by 6pm


  • $25 setup fee
  • $3 per bird processed
  • Bring your own propane cylinder, knives, ice, and packaging

Expert Help – Private Teaching!

If you need a little assistance while renting the equipment, we are available for $30 per hour (1 hour minimum) to assist in any steps (initial instructions on equipment use if free of course). This can either be a little help with your processing rental or a full private class for your team.

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