Little Sprouts Farm Our Animals

Our Animals

The breeds we have chosen to raise and offer for sale are carefully hand picked through time and experience. The basic qualities we look for in a breed include:

  • Weather Tolerant
  • Disease Tolerant
  • Self Sufficient
  • Synergistic on a Farm EcoSystem
  • “Cute”
  • Appropriate Physical Size

For some species we have chosen specific breeds, yet others we offer several or even a mix of breeds. Each of these three approaches are based on what best end result is desired for a small farm or homestead.

Dairy Goats

We offer multiple breeds of dairy goats, each breed offering unique characteristics to match the situation.

The breeds include: Mini-Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf, LaMancha, Alpine

Jacob Sheep

We only offer purebred Jacob Sheep. We have found to meet the needs of any small farm or homestead while excel in all the desired characteristics.

KuneKune Pigs

The only pigs we offer are KuneKune. We have tried many breeds over the years and settled on this breed as the best for small farms and homesteads.

Dairy Calves

We offer Jersey, Holstein, and Angus cross breeds. Occasionally other breeds are available.

Royal Palm Turkeys

Royal Palm turkeys are perhaps the most beautiful heritage turkey and also one of the hardiest.

Laying Hens

Many breeds of hens fit the needs of small farms and homesteads, but each has it’s pros and cons. So we have chosen to mix several breeds together to get a random variety of good characteristics where each bird is as unique as a fingerprint.


We raise several breeds of quail to choose between.