Little Sprouts Farm Animals For Sale

Animals For Sale

We specialize in providing healthy animals to add to your homestead, farm, ranch, or just family. Animals that will become a welcome part of your life and bless your operation with genetics that will be sturdy and strong. 

Genetics are about more than just choosing the right breed.  Good genetics are built through generations of good practices and breeding. It takes time and effort to improve genetics in livestock, but the end result is well worth it. Animals that are healthy, productive, disease resistant, and trouble free. 

Historically we have raised our own stock through generations of careful breeding and management to carry good genetics. And we still do! But demand has exceeded our ability to produce enough animals! So many people are now starting their homestead or expanding their existing operation, that we simply do not have the manpower and resources to produce enough animals for everyone each year. 

So we now have an alternative! 

We now adopt some animals from other farms and ranches that meet our criteria, house them on our land as long as necessary to ensure they are healthy and ready for a new home, and then offer them for sale. This allows us to expand our expertise beyond our own abilities to produce and provide good animals to many more people. These animals are less expensive than those of our own genetic lines, but still good investments. 

IMPORTANT: We do NOT visit “auctions/ sale barns” to find these animals. We only work with farms, ranches, dairies that meet our standards and even then we hand pick the individual animals to work with. Unfortunately animals at auction are often “dumped” indiscriminately and are often over stressed, sickly, or damaged. Buyer beware!

When you buy any animal from us, those raised from our genetics or those adopted from other operations, you can be sure they are a good investment. We stand behind our animals and we are committed to supporting you, our customer. We will be here to offer advice, assistance, and information whether you are new or experienced. Our desire and prayer is that you succeed!


Please arrange delivery or pickup within 48 hours of purchase or deposit unless other arrangements are made.