Little Sprouts Farm Goat Kidding Notification – List

Goat Kidding Notification – List

Little Sprouts Farm has kids born year-round, however, the majority of kids are born in the Spring.
If you would like to be put on our Notification List to be notified when kids are born and available, please fill out our Goat Questionaire.
When I have kids available I send out a mass text. If you wish to reserve a kid, we will take a $50 deposit non-refundable deposit to hold the kid of your choosing.

There is no charge to be on our waitlist

Kids have the option of being sold as bottle babies as 5+ days of age or stay at Little Sprouts Farm until weaned at 10-12 weeks old.

We like to give our kids as long as they need on their dams if going as weaned kids. More time on milk makes for a healthier goat in the long run, especially does. Bucklings do mature a bit faster so they can usually be weaned around 10 weeks, but doelings really benefit from being on milk for at least 12 weeks. In general, we will wean at 10 weeks for bucks & wethers and 12 weeks for does. Some babies may be ready sooner and some may need to wait longer but this is our general age range for weaning and going to new homes as weaned kids.

Before leaving Little Sprouts Farm:

Depending on age, your kid(s) will be given lice & coccidia prevention, dewormed, first hoof trim, and registered kids will be tattooed.

*All kids will be horned or naturally polled unless otherwise specified*