New BeginningsNew Beginnings


Most new beginnings follow an ending. Something ceased and a new thing begins. That’s the circle of life. Little Sprouts farm is no different. We are entering our fifth chapter in a decades long journey through life into new and uncharted territory.

Chapter 1: The Birth

During this initial chapter our family left the hustle and bustle of the typical Southern California lifestyle. “Racing through days to make money to buy things you don’t have time to enjoy.” That was our life, but that turned into a small farm life in Southern Oregon where we learned to slow down and live each day. We started a small family homestead, not knowing anything of what we were doing. But it was so fun! We learned about fencing, feeding, and caring for animals and plants on our own land.

Chapter 2: Health Crisis and Journey

The tranquility of those early days was interrupted by a realization that our children (as well as ourselves) were actually suffering from serious health issues. The medical industry had little to offer except “bandaids” for a wise variety of issues across the family. We turned to God and research. He led us down a path of learning about food and health, which soon became the reason for the farm. We could not buy the food we needed to heal, so we learned to grow it. This chapter of our lives was an intense re-education about life itself, and well worth it! Through the next several years we healed, from a variety of things including autism, heart problems, chronic pain, constant infections, etc etc.

Chapter 3: The Mission

The learning of chapter 2 led to the farm mission of chapter 3. People heard of our success and wanted to know how to achieve the same results. Out of this need, the farm grew and went commercial. With hundreds of customers, most healing from severe health problems, we spent our days raising and delivering the highest quality health foods possible. It was a journey of great effort, more learning, and great success. We pioneered the farm model of individual orders with weekly deliveries for free, of a variety of high quality health foods.

Chapter 4: The Dark Days

As in any story, challenges mount. Things happened, life changed, and we made the decision (after much prayer and seeking) to move from Oregon to Texas. Move, as in , the entire farm, and start all over. This was a momentous journey fraught with challenges, failures and a few successes. But we moved. What followed was several years of a “holding pattern” where every day was a struggle. We rented land and tried to preserve the farm as best we could, but mostly failed for lack of infrastructure, cash, and land fertility. But finally God heard our prayer and gave us a perfect spot to call home. The financing worked out, and we moved to our final and current resting place. Finally we were able to set up a true farm and settle in with our animals.

That brings us to Chapter 5: New Beginnings!

This year, 2022, marks the new beginning of Little Sprouts Farm! WE ARE BACK in full operation!

Our mission has changed and grown as has our family, and there is lots to talk about here on this blog. Let me start by saying these are exciting days! What lies ahead may be murkey and grey with unknowns, but we have a diligent desire in our hearts, decades of experience, and a God that has led us through the wilderness to the promised land!

Stay tuned! To His glory, live begins anew!

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